A statement in luxury & design

Tappeti Fine Hand-crafted Rugs + Carpets are a leading custom rug supplier to the interior specifier market. A Tappeti rug is a statement in design and quality, and are made to last. Tappeti is committed to the creation of outstanding pieces from large and small-scale commercial projects to striking one-off residential pieces. With a wide range of textures, fibres, colours, finishes, and the ability to custom design, they work to find a custom solution for every project.

Through their comprehensive online space, Tappeti’s clients are given the opportunity to engage with a larger quantity of designs and textures, making the design process fun to explore. We also showcased their impressive portfolio of residential, commercial and hospitality projects for inspiration.

Tappeti Fine Hand-Crafted Rugs & Carpets

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An online experience that allows their customers to engage with their designs and textures
Custom e-newsletter templates to communicate industry news, products and design trends to their growing audience


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