Sydney Indesign: The Project


Architects, Designers, Artists and Creative Studios collaborate with high-end international and local exhibitors at Sydney Indesign in The Project. This year Krasivaya collaborated with Cafe Culture + Insitu on creating an ambitious installation in response to the theme Ritual: The Art of Tradition: 

“We may not realise it, but ritual is a part of everything we do. From creativity through to business, and the workings of our everyday life, rituals become our frame of reference, our guide: they are our culture but also our practice. Within the spectrum of creative business, there’s the ritual of encounter –engagement, connection, exchange, experience; and creative rituals – methods of inspiration, ideation, development and execution; there’s even the making and breaking of rituals –  rethinking, reshaping, redefining, or even paying homage to a long-held tradition or ‘way of doing’.”

Exploring the ritual of unwrapping, revealing and discovery, this collaboration explored the process of receiving a gift. The concept of opening a box and exploring the contents with excitement and anticipation formed the starting point for the structure design. Receiving an order of furniture often symbolises an exciting time in a business, representing a refreshed visual identity, and a new phase in their history.

An upturned box shape with open wings was created out of timber and painted the brand’s signature yellow. It was carefully suspended in the Carriageworks and complimented by a decorated floor area that mirrored the shape above – forming the brand’s ‘+’ shape. The floor was treated with eye-catching custom graphics created by Krasivaya specifically for the event. It provided a unique backdrop for showcasing the beautiful products from Zeitraum, Germany and a bespoke high table with a brass base by Savage Design.

The Zeitraum furniture pieces were selected and styled to demonstrate how they work between commercial, hospitality and residential projects easily. We created an engaging and welcoming space that was a favourite of many people who attended the event at The Galleria.



Savage Design

Vessel Architectural Pottery

Event Marketing
Event Concept & Execution
Custom Floor graphics
Event styling

Successful Sydney Indesign collaboration
Launch of their online store at the event
Promotion of the Zeitraum brand to the Australian market
Build their customer database