Contemporary Door Furniture

TIRAR is an award-winning range of beautifully crafted, contemporary solid timber door furniture that is defined by its tactility and sensory form. It feels luxurious, smooth and solid in the hand, evoking a reassuring honesty in a way that only natural materials can. The range is unique in its consideration of function, form and simple tactile pleasure. It is also crafted to be robust and aims for longevity in its design and the quality of its manufacture. TIRAR is proudly Australian designed and made. The business’ success shows the appetite for design that is grounded in the maxim of form follows function – deeply considered, aesthetically beautiful, highly ergonomic and tactile.

Krasivaya has collaborated with TIRAR since the company’s inception. From developing the branding to the website, print and digital advertising to the website, we both appreciate quality design and perfect execution.

Krasivaya is developing an exciting new designer collection for TIRAR with innovative architectural surface company Axolotl, to create bespoke finishes for several of the handles.


Graphic Design
Detailed Product Photo Retouching
Social Media

Krasivaya provides all design and marketing support to Tirar.
The brand has been launched in Australia and Internationally, and is the recipient of prestigious design awards.
Targeted print and email campaigns
Comprehensive website showcasing their range

Styling by David Harrison
Photography by Daniel Shipp


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