She is the future

Unhinged is a fusion between art and fashion. Bold prints contrast against feminine patterns. Intricate detailing, sophisticated tailoring and French Seams gives each piece a truly luxe feel.

“She’s unapologetic, a trailblazer. She knows age is no barrier when it comes to fashion. She knows it’s about quality over quantity. She loves to play with prints and patterns. She’s after unique, one-off designs. She wants her favourite pieces to grow with her. She wants to pave her own path. She doesn’t follow the seasons. She dares to be different. She is the future. She is Unhinged.” – Jerika Masque, Design Director

Krasivaya provides design and marketing support to Unhinged Design. Its been a great working partnership since the brand’s inception, and its been a privilege to see the business go from strength to strength.


Unhinged Design

Branding & Application
E-commerce Website
Social Media

Establishing the business as a premium clothing brand for children
Obtaining national stockists and international sales through the e-commerce website


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